Strategy + Research + Design

to simplify and enhance our increasingly digital human experience


15+ years in the digital, interactive, entertainment space.

I've worked as a technical project manager on some of the first mobile applications, as a developer for pre-itunes ventures into online music, and as a user experience designer for numerous projects before it was commonly known as "user experience." Past clients include Disney, Universal Music, Siegel+Gale, DNA Studios, 3ality Technica, and Honda Motor Co.


broad experience, convergent towards ux strategy.

As I worked across—and in many cases managed—each phase of the product development cycle, I consistently leaned towards strategy. And always asked that big question, "Why?" Could this be the right solution, but for the wrong problem? And do we truly understand our users? Clarifying core challenges and highlighting core business opportunities is what I do best. I drive companies towards strategic solutions that improve both end user experience and the means for its evaluation and continual enhancement.


Please see my resume, LinkedIn profile, or projects page for detailed experience. Or email mail me to discuss how I might contribute to your current or future project.


I help companies get better digital products and services to market—leveraging human-centered, context-aware experience design.